Tuesday, December 30, 2008

You're In For a Real Treat

As a Christmas present to me, my mother put together a big binder of photos of me and papers of mine she'd collected since I was a baby. (But ma, did you have to include my SAT scores?)

Then, low and behold, inserted inside a shiny see-through folder was what must have been one of my first poems as evidenced by the primitive writing and spelling.

The Bird

One day I saw a chickedy
walking down the street
he said hello and I said hi
and then he bit my feet

For those of you familiar with my work, you can see not much has changed. I continue to go for the surprise ending.

Then I turned the page and was astounded to find I'd already begun practicing the art of revision.

The Bird

One day I saw a chickedy
walking down the street
he said hello and I said hi
and then we said tweet tweet

As usual, I like the first draft better.


I don't need to say a word on this one...


Monday, December 29, 2008

The Usual Suspects

Tough day. Came downstairs to find the two Shibas had the runs in their crates and the two Shepherds had pooed and peed all over the floor. At least Shibas are small enough to shampoo in the sink and the Shepherds didn't need it. But I have spent the last 15 hours monitoring their digestive issues ready to jump for the backdoor and will probably have to continue through the night. So I have time on my hands, thus...

The Usual Suspects

Suspect #1

Name: Yoshi, former name: Kobe, picked up on the lam in the streets of Long Island and placed on Death Row until NYC Shiba Rescue sprung him. Now he spends his time as owner of Skye, hanging out in a garden reminiscent of his homeland and plotting Shiba world domination.

Suspect #2

Name: Bob Dylan, aka Dilly, Dilly Dog. Former name: Jerry Garcia. Turned in by family for the crime of teething, turned over to NYC Shiba Rescue who, fooled by his adorable and innocent looking face, immediately exonerated him and gave him ownership of Skye. Distinguishing characteristics: He likes to take on the persona of legendary music icons.

Suspect #3

Name: Storm, aka Stormy, Stupey, Numnuts. Family gave him up as incorrigible and turned him over to White German Shepherd Rescue in Harrisburg, PA. from which Skye unwittingly took him under her wing. Believed to be permanently incorrigible due to bleached brain. Known to counter surf kitchens and, when caught in the act, feigns inability to understand the seriousness of his crime.

Suspect #4

Name: Natty, aka Natasha. Childhood filled with promise, molded by the prestigious Seeing Eye Guide Dog School for the Blind. Had absolutely no interest in a life of public service and was turned over to Skye to live a life full of joyful defiance. (Had she continued with the original plan, it would have been a case of the blind leading the blind.)

Suspect #5

Name: Haiku. Birth name: Fabio. Haiku shouldn't even be in the lineup but chooses to go back and forth between living with Skye and living with Skye's daughter, Molly, depending on his mood and he apparently slipped in. The mastermind of the gang, Haiku never carries out any of the crimes himself but leaves it to his subordinates to do the dirty work, and Skye to clean up the dirty work.